Drawing Space

Day 1:

For this assignment we were given the option to be tied together as a group, we thought that it would be worth trying to see how it would impact our day and our attempt to complete our work. Before we had left the building I was regretting it. Even a simple task such as gathering our materials to use for the day became a struggle.

We made our way to the park and the group settled in the centre to begin drawing. As I gazed around at our surroundings, looking for something to draw I felt that it was all far to similar. A lot of trees and grass (not surprising as we were in the park) but all fairly uninteresting to me. As we were still tied together I couldn’t leave the group and so had to settle on something so I chose to draw a tree that stood out to me. It was smaller then the others with fragile looking branches complemented by delicate leaves. I initially began to draw using a pencil but soon found it to look quite plain so I opted for charcoal instead. This was a great medium to use to create the texture needed for the leaves as well as being far more flattering for my unskilled drawing.

IMG_5789Our initial spot to sketch

I began to feel the need to get up closer to objects in order to be able to touch them and inspect them further to in order  to draw. Having the group in such close proximity made me feel distracted as well as the sun becoming too hot for me to sit in. As the other group members weren’t finished yet I had to stay were I was but eventually I decided to untie myself to be able to get more work done. I walked around the edges of the park to take some rubbing’s of stone, trees and leaves but found my paper too thick to get a good image. I noticed a lot of dry crumpled leaves which had a lovely texture to them so I stuck them to some masking tape to add to my page of textures.

Next I began to look at the graffiti on the walls as I thought I could use it for the text part of the project but then I saw some tiny and far more simple writing which simply said ‘sorry.’ This writing intrigued me as it seemed so sad and lonely. It made me think that whoever wrote it may not have been able to apologise to the person themselves or they had and had the apology rejected. Another thought I had was that perhaps it was to say sorry for the much larger Graffiti next to it. Either way I found myself far more interested in this then the original work and so I copied it onto the paper.

After we had a break for lunch we all concluded that we needed a change of location, by this time we had all abandoned the idea of being joined together as it wasn’t practical. We settled ourselves next to the art college which provided a view of some pubs, the shopping centre, traffic lights as well as passing cars and far more pedestrians then in the park. We were now equipped with a diverse range of images including text from signs, landscape outlines of cars and a contrast of modern and older buildings.

WP_000039  The Roundabout pub – an example of some of the older architecture

We we’re even able to obtain our image whilst moving by getting members of the public to walk across paper to get their footprints.

IMG_5802The public’s footprints

By the end of the day I had a wide selection of images to begin the next part of the assignment with, but I was left feeling disheartened with the quality of my work. I struggled to accurately sketch what I saw although I had attempted various styles . It showed my how I need to learn some basic drawing techniques to allow me to create more accurate and professional work. Although drawing is not specifically part of my future plans I feel that if I could better understand the fundamentals it would help enhance my design process for fashion or crafts as well as to improve my overall creative confidence.

Day 2:

After looking through everyone in the groups work we selected a few images that stood out to us all as being the most prominent and that would give the best results. The initial piece we used as our starting point was an image of a tree because of the strong arches of the trunk and branches.


 Image of trees we used as initial inspiration

The area we were given to work in didn’t have any wall space which is what we had originally wanted to use to attach our wool to. Instead we decided to establish the centre of the sculpture by using a ladder to compensate for our lack of wall space and began to add branches that we had gathered the day before. Unfortunately using the ladder was against health and safety and so we had to put it back.

IMG_5809Our first attempt to begin our structure

Luckily this was still very early on and so some of the group rummaged around the studio and found a large round tube which became the foundation of our work. We then added the branches which we had collected the previous day.

As we were basing our work around the image of a tree we decided to create what would be the leaves using the ‘abstract drawing whilst walking’ image as our inspiration for the shape which was particularly good as the it looked similar to the texture of the wool. So we began to loop the wool around the tree branches, throwing it up and over the pipes around the ceiling of the studio. This left a lot of the sculpture up to the chance of where the wool fell and after a while we could see it come together.

WP_000068                                              Abstract image created by drawing whilst walking

20130903_113520The wool hanging from the tree branches

The sculpture was now fairly sizeable and had our interpretation of a tree trunk – the round tube, as well leaves – the wool wrapped around the branches and looped over pipes in the ceiling. We now wanted to recreate more of the images that we had gathered throughout the previous day. One group member had taken a rubbing of a drain cover which installed using the wool as a 3D box.


Rubbing of a drain cover depicting a grid image as well as text


The drain cover rubbing recreated in 3D

Another member wanted to translate his drawing of the lines of wood that was on one of the older buildings onto the ‘trunk’ of our sculpture and he did this by using string. He used white string and stapled it to the white trunk. I would have opted for the black wool so that it stood out more but I still think he conveyed the image well. It’s straight uniform lines was an excellent contrast to our wavy wool and otherwise spontaneous work.

WP_000061Uniform lines on the sculptures ‘trunk’

Meanwhile I was focusing on the text that we had recorded, I began with the word ‘sorry’ which I had found as well as ‘Caffeine’ simply because almost the whole group had copied this from The Caffeine Club. I found the easiest (yet still tricky) way to go about this was to use the white string for the lettering as it was sturdier then the wool and so held the shape better and was clearer to spot in between the black wool.


Image of the word sorry created with string

We also decided to add to the leaves by cutting up some of our drawings into leaf shapes and attaching them to the structure. We liked the mixture of mediums used within the piece making it more interesting. Also our once purposeful drawings now cut into leave showed glimpses of the original images making them abstract lines and shapes which I thought was an interesting effect.

WP_000097One of our paper leaves

The last part of putting our piece together was to use the projector to display more of our drawings around the sculpture. We used various white pieces of wood in different sizes placed on easels and rested on the sink behind. This was my favourite part as it gave a more professional edge  to the project and with the room only lit by the projector it created an atmosphere to accompany our work. Also the way out work had evolved meant that each angle showed something different, parts where decide on and made as a team and other parts were our own individual contribution.


Our work projected around the sculpture

I thought that the day had gone well, as we were working with the same people as we had the day before it meant we were more confident to get involved and express our opinions. We worked well together and all had an input into making the project complete.


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