Time Management

Our session on time management reinforced some important facts that will help me to be more organised, stay on top of my work and to be punctual. A lot of the session was based around keeping lists, setting out plans and sticking to them. I am already an avid list maker and try to keep to them, but unfortunately that’s not always the case as life can get in the way. Bellow is the form we filled in which demonstrates this.

I have an 8 month old son and a part time job. These are just more reasons to remain organised and to keep on top of things which I will not be able to do if I don’t manage my time properly. My son has his own routine and it is very vital for me to keep to it for him to remain easy to look after and a happy, healthy baby. I have so far found this beneficial as it means that I to keep to a schedule and already know how my day is planned out. Taking advantage of nap times or times where he is happy playing is one way to get college work done but having one eye on him and one on my work can make it difficult to focus. Here is the form will filled out that showed how we dived our time, to be honest I found it really hard to pin point how long I spent on each task as often I do several at once but I tried to fill it out the best I could.

My partner and I have recently agreed that as we both have college work to do we should each take it in turns, an hour at a time, one looking after him, the other studying. This way our baby is getting the one and one attention he needs and we can be fully focused on our work. This works far better then us both doing our work and both being responsible for our son and getting frustrated when we are the one who has to stop what they are doing to see to him.

Another way to stay on top of my work is the days that I am in college and have childcare previously arranged to make the most of that and to stay later after college to finish anything I had started.

I also have a nasty habit of being too finicky with my work and not ever being satisfied with the quality of it, to the point where I have nothing to and in. Now I have managed to acknowledge this I am able to address it. Putting most of my work into a blog is one method I have come up with as a blog is neat, ordered and easy to go back and edit so I can get down what ever I can manage at the time and always improve on it at a later date, if there is time and if it is necessary. I will also try to not think too big for now and just get on with the tasks I am given, letting my work improve and progress naturally as I go through the course.

I am confident in my ability to keep to my goals and to stay focused and am looking forward to the work I have ahead of me.


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