Craft Carousel

I was really excited to being doing the craft introductions, although my focus is fashion and textiles, as a sideline I enjoy crafts and so the ability to make new and wonderful things is part of why I am at the college.

The textile introduction wasn’t really what I was expecting, at first I thought it would be based around using the sewing machines to learn the basic plates and seams and then when we were in the print room i thought we may learn about screen printing, but instead we used food items to colour tye dye the fabric. I didn’t dislike the session but I didn’t find it particularly stimulating.

I really enjoyed the glass introduction, it was amazing to see the results that could me had from using the sandblaster which was surprisingly simple to use. I could see it opening up a lot of options to create some interesting items. The only downside was that it was quite rushed so we didn’t have long to design our Bauhuas inspired patterns.

Almost on par with the glass but possibly my favourite of the crafts was ceramics. It helped that we had a whole day to spend on one subject, allowing us to really get into what we were doing and to put more thought into the design and construction. It was also encouraging to have good feedback from the tutor when I went back to collect my work as it seemed genuine and was completely unexpected.

I struggled with the jewellery workshop, with problems at home and almost no sleep due to a snotty, vomiting baby I wasn’t really all there and was more just dragging myself through the lesson. I did however tale a lot of notes which means if I need to I can revisit the department and still know what I’m doing.

Unfortunately I was finding things far too much and went home after jewellery which meant I missed out on the 3D workshop, I will have to try and see if I can have an induction to this at a later date.

Overall I came away feeling really positive after the workshops, despite the struggles I was having outside of college. Unlike the first two weeks of the course I felt like I knew what I was doing, how to record my work and like I was doing things that were relevant and that I really enjoyed.


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