Fine Art

What is fine art?

Fine art is a broad art form that integrates a variety of disciplines from new media to installation and even performance.

When practising fine art it is important to consider a range of factors in order to create a well structured and thought provoking piece. The  formal elements, for example, are still relevant even when traditional drawing methods aren’t used as they still exist within all objects and materials that we do use.

If you keep an open mind the process of developing your work can can be a constant influence, something unexpected or accidental can take your work in a whole new direction. In some cases it’s the process itself, possibly captured through film and photography, that becomes the final piece.

When looking for inspiration you can draw from your individual experiences which not only makes your work personal but adds meaning. Some artists use politics and media, especially those making a statement, but your work could relate to something from your daily life that may seem mundane or trivial and yet still be effective.

Mapping Journeys

For this task we had to retrace one or all of our journeys whilst paying attention to details we would otherwise miss. This was in preparation for our final task of designing and constructing an installation. We were encouraged to collect objects, take photos, make rubbing’s, to sketch and to record our journeys in whatever way we could think of, but to also be selective and focus on the simpler smaller things instead of instantly thinking big. I think this was an excellent way to encourage our work to progress and develop from a smaller concept through to our larger finished piece, helping to refine our creative process.

It was difficult to not indulge the instant flood of ideas that entered my brain and to stop myself from focusing on ‘what would make a good installation…’ but in the end I was glad that I kept my mind open long enough to explore different avenues.

I began by retracing my journey from college to home, listening to music as I often do. Music influences a lot of my journeys, how quickly I walk, if I catch a bus or not, whether I walk a slightly longer route in order to fit in another song. This in itself seemed significant to me and so I logged the idea of incorporating the music into my work.

I tried to pay extra attention to where I was walking, hoping to notice something that I usually miss, however it was then that I began to realise how much I take in when I walk. I naturally examine the floor, taking note of cracks, wonky slabs, plants, surrounding buildings and signs. Because of this I began to struggle to pick up on anything that felt new or worthwhile.

Something that did draw my attention was the amount of abandoned items, mainly furniture like mattresses, chest of drawers, clothing. These were all things that I have seen before and acknowledged, as I have been known to find some rather useful and amazing things in back alleys and taken them home with me, but I felt like this could be relevant to the project as waste is something that I feel quite passionate about. I decided to take photos of the items so I could refer back to them for the next project.

As well as abandoned items I began to notice how much litter there was which is something else that frustrates me as I find it to be unnecessary, selfish and lazy. It made me wonder if I could use these ugly crisp packets and empty cans that were cluttering the streets, bushes and gardens, to make something beautiful.

I also came across some intriguing images, one was a replication of the pattern of a railing, as it was indented into the pavement bellow the railing I was interested to know how it had come about and so I took a picture along with one of some mysterious marks on a pole.

By this point I felt like I had enough scope to help initiate my thought process and begin working towards a final idea. I browsed my pictures and bits of rubbish I had collected and thought through the various avenues I could go down.

One idea was to compile a sculpture from the trash I had found, turning something ugly into something beautiful. Another was a series of images of abandoned but useful/functioning items with again, some kind of sculpture made from said items.

I finally decided to revisit the concept of incorporating music into my work, it was then that I realised that the one thing I hadn’t thought of trying was to try my journey without it. When I did I discovered that what I don’t normally experience are the sounds around me and the more I realised this the more amplified the sounds became, crunching leaves, car engines, even my creaky back gate.

It was at this pointed I concluded to create and atmospheric experience, I wanted to record and play these sounds whilst using lamps, stencils and shadows to enhance it.

I spent a day attempting my stencil/lamp concept but eventually realised that it simply would not work in the time that I had. I ended up not showing my work that day but looking back I could have kept it simple and used just the recording.

I cannot upload the sound file to this blog due to compatibility issues but I shall display the dictaphone with my final work for assessment.



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