Sewing Machine Introduction

Introduction to the sewing machines

I was not in the morning session where we were inducted to the sewing machines and advised on the health and safety aspects of using them, fortunately as I have attended the college previously this is something I am already aware of and am confident when using a sewing machine. However here is the handout of the health and safety guidelines:

During the morning session the group had been experimenting with the various settings on the machines and getting to grips with them by sewing onto paper. As I wasn’t in I attempted this at home on my own machine but ended up opting for scrap fabric as the paper was ripping and clogging up my machine.

It was a great opportunity to experiment with all the settings that I don’t often get time to use, such as more intricate patterns. I also enjoyed the fact that I was sewing with no purpose or direction. As someone who is constantly thinking ahead to the completed project, which is something we are discouraged from doing, it was good to just see how it developed.

I began with an orange thread and tried out a few different types of stitching, finding that with more complicated stitches the faster I went the poorer the quality was. I then layered it with a mint green, but in the picture it looks white and then finished it with a ‘x’ border using a combination of orange and green in the bobbin.

In this close up you can see the detail better, in particular the wavy line that gets thicker and thinner which is my favourite. This task reminded me of the map work we had been doing as the stitching was going in different directions, crossing over in places. It’s familiar to lot’s of little journeys differentiated by each type of stitch.


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