Deadline time

So it’s nearing the time to hand in my work that’s incomplete and a lot of it irrelevant! Although it’s a little late in the day I decided to take a step back and try and see what it is that makes it so hard for me to get my work done…

It’s been a struggle to manage my time when it doesn’t feel like I have any time to manage so I decided to reassess my commitments. Work will have to go but as it’s Christmas and the busiest time of the year I’m stuck with it until January. Working on ‘Rough Designs’ will have to take a back seat until after Christmas and I won’t be involving myself in the and Student Union activities for the time being. Logan on the other hand can’t be put to one side and has decided now is the time to become more time consuming and needy, working around him is near impossible. So this means I need to make the most of the time I have when he’s alseep, which isn’t great as by then I’m shattered but for now it will have to do.

Reading the briefs and not actually understanding them really hasn’t helped, also trying to focus on what is relevant and keeping on track can be challenging. Luckily I have an appointment through the DSA people to get me the help and support I need for my difficulties with Dyslexia and OCD. I have also been informed that I can get my personal tutor from the beginning of the term which means I’ll have someone to go through what’s required with me and to keep on top of goals that I’ve set myself and of course deadlines.

GLASSES! I’m getting new glasses that aren’t so scratched I can’t use them and with an up to date, stronger, prescription! This will help with computer work, reading and stop my eyes feeling so tired, thank goodness. And they’ll be ready in a week!

So to summarise, when I start the new term I will…

  • Have more time as I won’t be working
  • Have a personal tutor to talk me through briefs and to help me stay on target, as well as other DSA related support
  • Have new glasses so I can actually see what I’m doing properly

This may not help me right now but at least I know it will be easier next term… for now I just need to work, work, work!


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