Rough Designs Logo

For some time now I have wanted to be able to create a professional logo for my company but haven’t had the ability to do so but with my newly found confidence in photoshop I decided to give it a go.

I already had an idea of what I wanted it to look like, here is my hand drawn version:

Displaying IMAG0907-1.jpg

So my starting point was to find a text that suited the style of my upcycled and handmade crafts company and as none of the pre installed fonts were right I decided to look online. I found a website where I could download various font packs and looked for a section for ‘free commercial use’ fonts so that I was legally allowed to use it in all my advertising.

There was an endless amount available and I downloaded quite a few to see how they worked when spelling ‘Rough Designs.’ some didn’t have capitals and some were all capitals, others were exactly what I wanted but didn’t show the name clearly enough. Eventually I settled on ‘Beautiful World’ which is a scruffy looking font that comes all in capitals.

At this point I decided to change the logo from just saying ‘Rough Designs’ to the website ‘’ I wanted to use the logo on canvas bags and other advertising so it made sense to show the web address.

Now I needed to find a border, inspired by the image by Terry Winters that I came across when looking at the formal elements, I considered various methods in which to do this. I liked the hazardous, carefree style of Winter work but wanted to maintain a professional look and so opted to download a boarder that reflected a similar style. Eventually I found this ‘Brushed Boarders’ pack.


I may have download items to use in this instance but this is still something I wouldn’t have know to be possible before. My end result is something I have been trying to create for a long time now and so am very happy to finally have achieved this.

roughdesigns screen print


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