Student Union Campaign

As raising money for charity is something that I am quite passionate about I decided to put myself forward for the position of Charities and Fundraising Officer as part of the Students Union. As part of elections I had to campaign for votes and so decided to use photoshop to create a poster for this. I wanted to make it relevant to charity but for a while I couldn’t think of anything I could use until I googled pictures of ‘charity’ and came across a picture of a collection bucket. It said on the lid ‘Please give generously’ which I thought would fit with my campaign if i changed it to ‘please vote generously’ and so I had my starting point.

I had a look through the carious images to try and find one to meet all my criteria. I couldn’t pick one that was too distinctively linked with a charity as I didn’t want to annoy anyone, it had to be a large file size to look good enough on an a4 poster and it had to be held at the right angle in order to look right.

Eventually I found this:

It was a large size, front on and wouldn’t be too reconisable as to what charity it supported (which isn’t so good for the charities brand recognition.)

So I needed to add my own text, for this I used the spot healing brush tool (which is my new favourite tool!) I used it to disperse the original text leaving it clear for me to add my own.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 22.04.24

I was originally going to leave some of the original writing but it didn’t look right compared what I had added so I just text boxes to add three sets of writing. The centre one has had the arc style added in wrap text to make it more interesting.

Charity Box

And so as you can see this is the finished result. With more time it could have been done to a better standard but I think it was quite effective considering the small amount of work and tools needed.


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